Begone Code Vultures…

Littered is the path, through which I tread, with decaying code carcasses, and the syntactical errors as a faint reminder;… Lost are those days to me when CSS seemed a mystery and JavaScript didn't seem to mesh with the W3C validation schema.

Cartoon Demon Floppy!

They told me to remember nothing is as it seems, I could have been overwhelmed by the throng of HTML and its inferior structure albeit I set out on a journey to base this page upon XHTML and CSS to allow browser compatibility.

Armed with only my intellect and trusty ASCII editor these pages were spawned, XHTML and CSS has always been more simple to implement than HTML , however the victors of the "browser-wars" seem to forget the purpose of interoperable technologies.

Nonetheless playing Zork is one of those influential experiences for which any well-seasoned net-citizen should experience, perhaps when the dust settles I'll tell you more…

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