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Welcome to my 'Beck Hansen' section; this page demonstrates the use of CSS and XHTML to apply layout - rather than use the <table> element. If your Browser renders this page "correctly" you should see two main columns, if not upgrade your old browser…

Beck is an extremely interesting character, a multi-talented legend, who amongst other things: dances like a hurricane under the rug, burbles out strange incoherent lyrics, sings like a possessed demon, and shreds on Satan's guitar putting all other musical legends to shame!

Beck Hansen, Two Turntables and Microphone

Clicking upon the relevant hyperlink will open a new Beck movie viewing window; some movie files will take a while to load before playing depending on server load. For any Beck video "downloads"; to download right-click your mouse button on the link, then choose the appropriate command from the menu, e.g. Save Link As… If you really cannot Play these Beck movie clips; I'd suggest downloading QuickTime or another capable movie player. For example Microsoft Media Player.

Once I find a large storage-server I will upload the full-length videos, including all those "exclusive streaming only" videos, from which I accidentally managed to convert into Active Streaming Format (ASF), thus allowing them to be stored on your hard-drive.

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