Bek Lyrics

Sweat of Satan

(From the One Foot In The Grave Deluxe Album)

[Written by Beck Hansen]

It was back in the old days
In the time of my grief
When the ladies all disowned me
And my lungs could scarcely breathe

And the wildlife was growing wilder by the day
And I stepped to myself most-ly
There was a band of brothers who rode unto me
Throwing accusations I could scarecely see

They put a hand upon me
And hung me upside down
And emptied out my pockets
And kicked me on the ground

They took out the hot poker
And branded on my chest
Twisted my ear off,
Gasoline on my vest

Set me all aflame
Imperiled and defeated
Pelted me with stones
That felt like certain death

They went unto my lady
And made her kneel low
Tore her hair loose
And cut through her clothes

Laughed and they hollered
And painted the horses orange
Put the kids together
And tied them to the porch

Then blaze upon blaze
Did the devils rally around
With rifles and sticks
Did they pound on the ground

I rambled and I tumbled
And I fell to my feet
And I never knew
The sweat of Satan
Tasted so sweet