Bek Lyrics

MTV Makes Me Want To Smoke Crack

(From the UK Loser Single)

[Written by Beck Hansen]

MTV makes me wanna smoke crack
Fall out of the window and I'm never comin' back
MTV makes me wanna get high
Can't get a ride no matter how I try
And everything's perfect
And everything's bright
And everyone's perky
And everyone's uptight
I love those videos
I watch them all day

(What's the problem?)
Uh… I dunno just stop the tape…

Hey alright, MTV, whoa, makes me want to smoke crack
Fly out the window and I'm never coming back
MTV makes me want to get high as a moon
Like a rubber balloon
Ah get that squeegee!
Everything's wonderful
Everything's grand
Everything's swinging
All across the land, you know it!
Bust out the biscuits
Strike up the band
Play those videos
Every woman and man

'Cause MTV, whoa
Makes me want to smoke crack
Hey, fly out the window
And I'm never coming back
Oh MTV makes me want to get hiiigh as a kite
Gettin' all uptight
Take it!

[piano solo]

Ah yea
Fake it 'til you make it!
Right about now
Steppin' into a cold-ass fashion
Ah yea, weed-whack that thing!

I work down at the video store
Making some change
With a sparkle in my step
And a smile on my face
Condominiums rising above
And those videos are better than love

Yeah! MTV… One
MTV, check!
MTV makes me want to smoke crack!